Dog Trust: animal rights courses in schools

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Between 3 to 4 June 2010, Dog Trust, the largest foundation in England, organized an international conference in Bucharest on this issue. Attended by students from Romania, Bulgaria, England and Estonia. The foundation’s vision, education in schools about animal welfare is considered an important topic, even if its effects are not immediate, but see later.
The two trainers, Holle Sevenoaks and Jo Morris, Education Officers, well explained steps and professionalism that are most appropriate approach for these types of lessons. Lessons aim is to stimulate children’s interest and the correct perception of animals, especially dogs.
Some students had their books they already apply in schools in Campina (Community Foundation for protection dogs), Bucharest (Four Paws Foundation) and in Bulgaria in Russian (Германо-Българска Помощ за Животните).
Support of the Dog Trust in organizing these courses "Natura, mostenire pentru viitor", Foundation, invited all participants to an “open lessons”held at the school in the area Popesti-Leordeni.
The seminar marked a time of socializing and for all, on which occasion I learned that Dog Trust has 14 shelters in England (150 dogs each on each, no more) and intermediates 14,000 adoptions annually. “Cutu,Cutu” asociation make necessary information to interested people.